About GourmetSearcher.com

What is a gourmet product?

It is without a doubt the most exquisite, genuine and delicious product you’ve ever tasted.

We have found, analyzed and tried it for you.  We always choose the best of all of the options of any one kind of product presented to us from a worldwide selection and we publish it on GourmetSearcher.com.

To appear on our list, a product must meet a series of criteria:

1. Be exclusive (small batches produced)
2. Be artesanal (a person, a region, and their know-how play a decisive role in its harvest, raising or production)
3. Be exquisite (the product must be, without a doubt, the best to be found on the market)
4. Be expensive (The demand is, in the majority of the cases, greater than the supply which means a high price)
5. Be genuine (an excellent raw material is treated with maximum culinary respect)
6. Be natural (it is harvested, raised or produced respecting natural processes)

Our goal is to list, present, and grade the best gourmet products in the world.

They all represent excellence in their culinary category.

Food lovers must try them at least once in their lives.

What problem does GourmetSearcher.com solve?

We allow you to learn about the best food products from all over the world.  Those that, because of their limited production, don’t usually make it to large distributors and so are out of reach of most consumers.

We give you access to information via internet so that you can access it while you travel so that you know what to taste and try in every corner of the world.

Last, we will try to provide you with information on how to buy GourmetSearcher.com products via Internet so that you can experience them, even if you don’t travel to the country of origin.

Our mission consist in listing the 1,000 gourmet products in the world that you must try at least once before you die. ;)

Synonyms for Gourmet?

Delicatessen, Fine Food, Luxury Food, among others.

Criteria for the selection of the gourmet products on GourmetSearcher.com?

We are a world-wide (Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, Germany, the United States…) team made up of  professionals and amateurs from the world of  food and we have challenged ourselves to find, try and list the best food products in the world and to bring them to the attention of the most demanding foodies.

Who is GourmetSearcher.com aimed at?

All those foodies who enjoy authenticity, purity, excellence, and quality above all else, and who are tired of seeing websites about the best restaurants in the world (far away and expensive!),  the best recipes in the world (so hard to make at home!),  or websites that talk about the best cooks in the world (so rich and famous, not quite like me!)

GourmetSearcher.com discovers the best raw materials and gourmet products in the world for you.

Without introduction or marketing, we take you directly to the source, the producer.

How can you help GourmetSearcher.com?

To participate in GourmetSearcher.com, send your suggestions and comments to: gourmetsearcher at gmail dot com.

As consumers we are the taste experts and we know where the most exquisite gourmet treasures are hidden.

Send us your suggestions and comments so that our tasting committee can evaluate them.  We will always publish the source of a product, a suggestion, or a comment.

We also encourage you to publish your comments directly below the product listings on the website.

Who guarantees GourmetSearcher.com selections? 

Recognized experts, comments from the best food blogs, national and international prizes and assessments by highly qualified sales staff from the best gourmet stores in the world.

We hope you like it!

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