Extra Virgin Olive Oil DAURO

Product: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Brand: Dauro
Producer: Bodegas Roda
Country of origin: Spain
Region: Girona
Town: Finca Els Alts Estanys, Torroella de Fluvià.
Approximate price per kilo: 30/40 euros 
Approximate weight: 500ml (15/20 euros approx.)
 Prizes and Recognition: Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Frutado Maduro" in 2011/2012 by the Ministry of Agriculture of Spain in Spain Food Awards (it received the same award five times in the last ten years) and a "Sol d'Oro" 2012 in the International Exhibition of Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Verona (Italy), among many others.

GourmetSearcher.com rating of 100 points: 94.5/100

Why does it deserve our mention?

It successfully blends a variety of olives, as if it were a great Champagne, with Arbequina olives which gives it elegance, Hojiblanca which gives a fruity and herbaceous structure, and Koroneiki which gives an exotic taste and high levels of oleic acid . One hundred and ten hectares of olive groves planted with about 32,000 olive trees in a unique enclave, near Figueres (Dali Museum), located between the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean. To the eye it has a nice green color, to the nose it offers aromas of fresh cut grass and to taste it gives us the hint of freshly picked vegetables (vine tomatoes and artichoke), nuts, green banana and a very slight hint of pepper. To the mid-palate the taste is delicious, dense and silky at the same time. The Olive trees are planted on trellises (like some grape varieties) which facilitates rapid harvesting of the olives, usually down to a time of just two hours helping to ensure an acidity minimum of just 0.1 degrees. For a quart of oil Dauro will need about 10 kg of olives. Maximum quality.

How should you eat or cook it? 

Raw, served on a small plate and spread over bread or accompanying fish dishes, cooked vegetables or seafood grilled or baked.

What wine should you have with it? 

Best alone.

How should you keep it? 

Cool and dry.

Where can you buy it?

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