Tea ChuanCheng Millésime 2008 LA MAISON DES TROIS THES

Product: Tea Millésime 2008 Chuan Cheng Sheng Pu Er Cha
Brand: Les Trois Thés
Producer: Les Trois Thés
Country of origin: China
Region:  Yunnan
Town:  Yunnan
Approximate price per kilo: 200 euros
Approximate weight: 60 grams
Prizes and Recognition: Served in some of the best restaurants in France and the world.

GourmetSearcher.com rating of 100 points: 98.5/100

Why does it deserve our mention?

Because of the care and respect by which the tea is aged by Madame Yu Hui Tseng in her shop in Paris which is quite astonishing. Her shop is called The House of the three Teas and is thus named  because in Chinese food culture it is considered that there are three types of Tea: Black Tea, Green Tea and White Tea. I must confess that it will take a long time to erase from my memory the Tea experience at the House of the three Teas: firstly because of the refinement of the tea ceremony itself and secondly due to the sheer elegance employed in the serving. During the ceremony the aromas from the tea are exquisite and one is able to identify all the varying flavors in the tea which can so often be artificially masked in other teas. Madame Tseng’s personal involvement in sourcing and selling the tea from these hard to find tea plantations is priceless. Twenty euros for having tea in her shop is a very good investment, when you consider you get a Mini Master Class in tea preparation and drinking. Well worth it for those who decide to make the trip to her shop in Paris.

How should you drink it? 

In the privacy of your home, with plenty of time and a good fire clay teapot, serving slowly, and  should only be drunk from a porcelain tea cup of course.

What should you have with it? 

Best taken alone.

How should you keep it? 

In cool, dry place.

Where can you buy it?

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