Scottish Smoked Salmon H. FORMAN & SON

Product: Scottish Smoked Salmon
Brand: H. Forman & Son
Producer: H. Forman & Son
Country of origin: England
Region: London
Town: London
Approximate price per kilo:  70 euros
Approximate weight:  100 grams
Prizes and Recognition: Member of the Academy of Culinary Arts. Sold in England's Best Gourmet shops and restaurants, such as Gordon Ramsay’s and Marco Pierre White establishments. rating of 100 points: 93/100

Why does it deserve our mention?

The two main reasons this salmon deserves our attention is firstly the unique way in which it is smoked and secondly simply due to the quality of the fish itself. The salmon arrive at the processing plant within a maximum of 48 hours after being caught, at which point they are filleted and prepared by hand for the smoking process. The smoking process is extremely delicate and the wood which is used is taken from sustainable forests which makes the whole process very ecological. This particular salmon is very low in salt (only 3% when it is usually 5%), and no sugar is added during the process. It’s high Omega 3 content makes this an extremely healthy meal. The Forman family have been preparing salmon in this way since 1905 and have held true to the original process since that time. A gastronomic gem of purest British tradition.

How should you eat or cook it?

On top of a blini with a little fresh butter or rolled with a hint of fresh dill on top.

What wine should you have with it?

A white wine like a Californian Rochioli River Block Chardonnay.

How should you keep it? 

In the refrigerator between 4 and 6 °. Consume as soon as possible after opening

Where can you buy it?

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