Bar of Chocolate "Chuao" BONNAT

Product: Chuao Chocolate 75%
Brand: Bonnat
Producer: Bonnat
Country of Origin: France
Region: Isère
Town: Voiron
Approximate price per kilo: 80 euros kg
Approximate Weight: 100 grams
Prizes and Recognitions: Present in over 100 stores across France Gourmet. rating of 100 points: 94.5/100

Why does it deserve our mention? 
This family of chocolate makers was founded in 1884 and has always had a strong tradition for quality. Today Stépahne Bonnat  takes care to  ensure that the passion for quality and the utmost respect for the raw material and its origin shall not perish from the philosophy of Maison Bonnat.  Bonnat explains  to us some of the history of chocolate, in 1502 during the fourth voyage to America by Christopher Columbus  discovered Guanaja cocoa in Honduras . However it was not  until 1519 when the Spanish Hernan Cortes landed in San Juan de Ulloa, in Mexico and he tried a drink made with cocoa that the rest of the world could begin it’s love affair with chocolate and thus began the Spanish monopoly of Cocoa in the world which would last for 200 years. Later in 1847 the English company Fry and Sons, gave us the chocolate bar form, which until that time was taken in liquid form. In 1875 in Switzerland they invented milk chocolate in the city of Vevey by Daniel Peter. It is in 1884 when Felix Bonnat,  Bonnat Chocolatier creates and quickly launched the idea of ​​the first  praline chocolate bar.  The Bonnat family use Chuao chocolate from Venezuela  which in Stéphane Bonnat’s own words is the "Romanée-Conti" of cocoas. And it's true, with an exquisite taste, deep and penetrating, one that the mind long remembers.

How should you eat or cook it?
Alone, calmly and closing one’s eyes ....

What wine should you have with it?
With a port wine or an excellent Venezuelan Ron, like the “Diplomat” a 12 year, gran reserve.

How should you keep it?
 In a cool, dry place.

Where can you buy it?

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