Whole Goose Foie Gras with Truffel GEORGES BRUCK

Product: Whole Goose Foie Gras with Truffel 
Brand: Georges Bruck
Producer: Georges Bruck SA
Country of origin: France
Region: Alsace
Town: Strasbourg
Approximate price per kilo:  200 euros 
Approximate weight: 180 g (45 euros approx.)
Prizes and Recognition: Sold in the best Gourmet Shops.
GourmetSearcher.com rating of 100 points: 96/100
Why does it deserve our mention? For being a role model of faithfulness to tradition, for the pursuit of excellency and exemplary continuity of the family's dynasty. The property of Georges Bruck has passed on from father to son for five generations (150 years of history in the same family), and certainly this is one of their flagship products in which they combine to perfection the Goose Foie with Truffles, a culinary marriage which is very typical in Alsatian tradition. The finesse, elegance and perfume hold on to your palate making its savouring an unforgettable event. As a Foie Gras "Entier" it comes from one or more lobes of goose liver. In this particular case we are refering to their semi-preserved Foie which has been cooked at medium temperature. In those instances where the label indicates just "Foie Gras" the cooking temperature has been the highest, and where the lable indicates "Fresh Foie Gras" the lowest temperature has been used. The lower the temperature used  the more taste and aroma is preserved in the Foie. Lenotre and Fauchon in Paris, Peck in Milan, KaDeWe in Berlin, Harrods, or Fortnum & Mason in London are just some examples of prestigious retailers which trust that the expert hands of Georges Bruck make the best Foie Gras.
How should you eat or cook it? Take out of the fridge half an hour before serving, and serve in thin slices on a plate, or smeared over nice lightly toasted bread.To cut more easily you can dip the knife in hot water before each cut. 
What wine should you have with it? With Madeira wine with modern D.O.C. as Alvada Blandy's.
How should you keep it? In the fridge.
Where can you buy it? In www.bruck-foiegras.com, www.kingsfinefood.co.uk, www.madeleinemarket.com

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