PUREMIEL Organic Rosemary Honey

Product:Thyme Honey

Brand: Puremiel
Producer: Puremiel Honey from Spain SL
Country of origin: Spain
Region: Andalucia
Town: Prado del Rey (Cadiz)
Approximate price per kilo:  35 euros
Approximate weight: 330 grams
Prizes and Recognition: Found in some of the best Gourmet shops around the world.
GourmetSearcher.com rating of 100 points: 92.5/100
 Why does it deserve our mention? Its organic origin in the Natural Park of the Sierra de Grazalema (Cadiz, Spain) and its handcrafted process. The hives are moved at night from the Natural Park to the Puremiel facilities. The centrifugal force to extract honey from beehives and the soft filtering which follows are the only processes to which the honey is submitted to before being jared in its pure state. Thyme honey has a strong natural sweetness and has a very distinctive amber color. Ideal for hypertension, for respiratory diseases and as a tonic against fatigue. It is also highly prized for making cakes and pastries. The jar is unmistakable, the production impeccable and respectful, and if we add to that the fact that bees enjoy a preserved natural environment as unique as the Sierra de Grazalema, it all definitely make this Honey one of the best in the world.
How should you eat or cook it? Alone, on top of some nuts, or to go with yoghurt.
What wine should you have with it? Best single.
How should you keep it? In cool, dry place.
Where can you buy it? www.tastesdeli.co.uk (UK), www.straubs.com (USA), www.organicgourmetbcn.com (Europe)

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