Pure Acorn-Fed Iberian Ham JUAN PEDRO DOMECQ


Product: 100% Pure Acorn-Fed Iberian Ham
Brand: Juan Pedro Domecq
Producer: Juan Pedro Domecq Ham
Country of origin: Spain
Region: Andalucía
Town: Jabugo (huelva)
Approximate price per kilo:  70 euros 
Approximate weight: 7/8 kg
Prizes and Recognition: 
GourmetSearcher.com rating of 100 points: 94/100
Why does it deserve our mention? For the purity of the breed of their own Iberian pigs (both parents are of pure breed), for being raised freely in the Dehesa since they are piglets, and for the long Montanera period for which they feed from acorns (which lasts four months while the Law requires only two). These hams are made from 100% pure Iberian acorn-fed pigs, and are cured for an average of 39 months before being sold. For the first few months they are cured at a temperature of only 4 ° in order to fix the flavor, followed by a much longer period of natural drying in the Cellar that the company has in the Sierra de Huelva, Jabugo. The pigs weigh up to 160kg before reaching maturity, of which about 90kg have been gained by eating acorns during the Montanera period, and their age is between 1.5 and 2 years old. Juan Pedro Domecq produces only hams and shoulders from his 2500 Iberian pigs that live on the estate of Lo Alvaro, which he owns in the Sierra de Aracena. All vacuum-packed ham is cut and sliced by hand in order to preserve as much as possible its organoleptic qualities. An exquisite presentation for one of the best Iberian Hams of Spanish cuisine.
How should you eat or cook it? Sliced, accompanied by good quality bread.
What wine should you have with it? With a sherry like Sibarita Domecq VORS
How should you keep it? In cool, dry place (once the whole ham has been cut cover that part with a plastic film, and not with the fat of the ham itself, as its mistakenly believed to be the right thing to do).
Where can you buy it? www.ibergour.com (Europe), www.selfridges.com (UK) and www.citysuper.com.hk

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