MONSALUD Pure Iberico Ham from Acron-fed Pigs

Product: Pure Iberico Ham from Acrorn-Fed Pigs
Brand: Monsalud
Producer: Monsalud
Country of origin: Spain
Region: Extremadura
Town: Montanchez
Approximate price per kilo:  70 euros/kg for a whole ham and 120 euros/kg sliced.
Approximate weight: 7/8 kg
Prizes and Recognition: 2011 Espiga de Oro Award for the Best Ibérico Ham from Extremadura. Served on the menu of Spanish and iternational Michelin-starred restaurants such as: Le Cinq, Avenue Montagne (Paris), Le Drugstore (Paris), Le Chateau Pavie St Emilion Hostellerie de Plaisance (Bordeaux, France) or Chateau Les Crayeres (Reims, France). rating of 100 points: 94/100

Why does it deserve our mention?
For its commitment to consistently produce Iberian hams of the finest and purest quality and for ensuring that only pure bred Iberian pigs and the Torbiscal and Lampiño races are utilized in their ham production. When we refer to the “purebred” pigs we mean that both the biological parents were themselves purebred Iberian pigs. It is estimated that today only around 5% of all hams sold under the name of Iberian ham actually come from pure bred Iberian pigs. The question of  purity in relation to this ham is an important one as only the Iberian breed of pigs has the unique ability of storing large amounts of lipids, which infiltrate the muscle mass which in turn gives this ham its characteristic aroma and texture. This company exclusively produces acorn fed pigs and none other, no other types of feed are used. The pigs themselves are raised in an extremely privileged environment in the area of Spain known as Extremadura, the area consists of one million hectares and is one of Europes best preserved ecosystems. Furthermore, Monsalud is located in the small town of Montanchez which is 998 meters above sea level and is considered the "capital" of Extremadura ham as it offers excellent conditions for drying and curing the meat. Monsalud has an annual production of only 3,500 pigs and all of their ham production is cut by hand by a team with over twenty five years of experience.

How should you eat or cook it?
On its own at room temperature. A tip: if the plate is a little warm, but just a little, then the fat in the ham will melt a little faster giving the ham a healthy shine just before eating.

What wine should you have with it? 
With a Champagne like Gosset Grand Blanc de Blancs.

How should you keep it? 
In a cool, dry place.

Where can you buy it? 

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  1. We ordered this jamon for Christmas from thehammarket website.
    Delivery was efficient, ham carefully packaged.
    It was voted by friends and family to be the best quality jamon we have ever had.

    I love ham in Xmas.

    James Roberts