Majorcan Black Pig Sobrasada SON DALABAU

Product: Majorcan Black Pig Sobrasada
Brand: Son Dalabau
Producer: Son Dalabau
Country of origin: Spain
Region: Balearic Islands
Town: Majorca
Approximate price per kilo:  35 euros
Approximate weight: 500 grams
Prizes and Recognition: Present in some of the best Deli in Spain. rating of 100 points: 95/100

Why does it deserve our mention? 
Its palatability, low fat content compared to other Sobrasadas, and its slow curing 100% natural process, without using any coolers, of between 90 to 120 days. The Sobrasada is a raw cured sausage made from the Majorcan Black Pig breed, a race with more differences than commonalities with the Iberian Peninsula pig used in the prized pure Iberian Bellota Ham. Much fatter than the Iberian pig, it has evolved very differently due to the isolation it has suffered for centuries in the Balearic Islands. The pigs used to make the Sobrasada at Dalabal are all breeding females, never males, because their flesh has an increased fat infiltration and better bouquet (and only lean meat like loin, bacon or legs is used). They are raised from 1 to 3 years (much longer than usually) and fed in the Balearic Islands. They have a rigorous food and genetic traceability. Due to the fact that they do not use any chemical additives or preservatives during its preparation or cure, they can only produce the Sobrasadas during the five coldest months on the island of Mallorca (November to March). The quality of fat in this case is determined by the black pig's genetics and diet based on cereal, herbs and figs (never acorns) foods all to be found by these pigs outdoors. The De La Vera Paprika gives its characteristic color to Sobrasada and acts simultaneously as an antioxidant and preservative. The Sobrasada sausages appear initially from the need to store food for indeterminate periods of time. The curing process of this Sobrasada is never less than 100 days and its conservation period is of 10 months without the help of any preservatives, due to the quality and selection of raw materials and the curing process. A culinary treasure.

How should you eat or cook it? 
On top of a piece of bread or for cooking in many recipies.

What wine should you have with it? 
With a white wine like Chardonnay Enate.

How should you keep it? 
With a white wine like Chardonnay Enate.

Where can you buy it?

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