DOMORI Chuao Chocolate Bar

Product: Chuao Chocolate fron Venezuela

Brand: Domori
Producer: Domori Srl.
Country of origin: Italy
Region: Piedmont
Town: None
Approximate price per kilo:  200 euros
Approximate weight: 25 gr (4/5 euros)
Prizes and Recognition: Winner of Best Chocolate single-origin 2012. rating of 100 points: 96/100
Why does it deserve our mention? Its fine bouquet, depth of flavor in mouth and the wonderful memories of dry fruit and honey. To develop a single variety of the Creole cacao chocolate has been a real success for the renowned Italian producer Domori. The recipe is simple and natural: 70% Criollo cocoa from Chuao and the remaining 30% cane sugar. Grown in Venezuela, in the coastal town of Chuao, more specifically in the Hacienda de San Jose, these cocoa beans have the uniqueness, as shown in the photo, of being completely white inside. A cacao which has, through initiatives like this one, regained cultivation and avoided its disappearance. The first ones to exploit it commercially were the Spanish, but many years went by since then and its commerce suffered a very strong decline that reached a point where it almost disappeared. The reason? the discovery of oil fields in the area, which caused the cocoa cultivation to be almost entirely abandoned. Domori perfectly expresses in this tablet of just 25 grams what an ideal chocolate bar should be for us: sweet, creamy and with a subtle bitter flavor at the end. Try it as soon as you can!
How should you eat or cook it? Solo, letting it melt in your mouth...
What wine should you have with it? With a sweet red wine as Mataró, from Bodega Alta Alella, Spain.
How should you keep it? Cool and dry
Where can you buy it? (USA), (USA) www.choc (Europe).

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