Product: Caviar Baeri
Brand: Imperial of France
Producer: La Maison Nordique
Country of origin: France
Region: Ile de France
Town: Paris
Approximate price per kilo: 2.400 euros Kg
Approximate weight 90/120 grams 
Prizes and Recognition: Sold in some of the Best Gourmet Shops in Paris. rating of 100 points: 97/100
Why does it deserve our mention? For the regularity of a grain with admirable consistency and roundness, and for its low average level of salt which gives it its softness and elegant dark gray color as well as its shininess. Since 2007 the world of caviar has changed a lot, that was the year when CITES (The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) banned the trade and export of wild caviar to try to preserve the wild sturgeon, a species in clear danger of extinction. From then until now, the ban remains in place, which has resulted in the fact that over 90% of the caviar consumed in the world today comes from captive sturgeon from fish farms located in countries like Italy, France, China and Spain for the species of Baeri, Osetra of Israel and, although in smaller quantities, Huso Huso from Bulgaria. Note that for the caviar lover today it is more important to know who is behind the sturgeon, their living conditions, food, water purity, where they breed, and forget about the Caspian Sea and its wild sturgeon where it is almost nonexistent. The quality achieved in captivity is already exceptional and processors as La Maison Nordique certify it. A female sturgeon takes seven to ten years to lay roe, and to extract them the fish needs to be sacrificed. The caviar we have chosen from the brand Imperial de France comes from the species Acipenser Baeri, which is the one chosen by this farm located in the French region of Sologne and which is reminiscent in taste and texture to the magnificent Sevruga. We recommend letting it explode in the palate and enjoy its refined aroma and taste.
How should you eat or cook it? Alone with wooden spoon or nacre (never metal!) Or over a blini.
What wine should you have with it? With a Vodka such as Beluga.
How should you keep it? In the fridge till before eating.
Where can you buy it?

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