BENICHON Suisse Butter

Product: Butter
Brand: M. Benichon
Producer : Fromagerie Moleson SA
Country of origin: Switzerland
Region: Fribourg
Population: Orsonnens
Approximate price per kilo: 30 euros
Approximate weight: 100 to 200 gr.
Prizes and recognition: score out of 100: 92/100
Why does it deserve our mention? For being made ​​from only fresh pasteurized milk collected twice daily to ensure freshness from cows which graze freely in the mountains of the Swiss canton of Fribourg. This cheese house is widely recognized for, besides the traditional butter, developing excellent cheeses such as Gruyère AOC aged for 18 months or the Fribourgeois Vacherin AOC. The butter gets its oval shape in wooden molds. Its origin is simple: the milk fat which naturally emerges back to the surface is the base of this butter. Its very rich and mature, and stands out for its intense taste. For its process of maturing only natural lactic ferments are used and there are no chemical additives. Light, creamy and aromatic, can you ask for more?
How should you eat or cook it? Very good to spread over fresh Rustico bread.
What wine should you have with it? With Champagne like Henri Abelé Brut.
How should you keep it? In the Fridge.
Where can you buy it?,

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