Product: Prosciutto Ham
Brand: Tanara Giancarlo

Producer: Tanara Giancarlo
Country of origin: Italy
Region: Parma
Town: Langhirano
Approximate price per kilo: 30 euros/kilo
Approximate weight: 9-11 kg
Prizes and recognition: Found at the best charcuteries in Italy and all over the world.
GourmetSearcher.com score out of 100: 92/100
Why does it deserve our mention? For its sweet scent and the careful selection of raw materials.  All of the hams from this traditional Italian firm come from Italian pigs, raised and fed on natural feed in towns like Mantua, Cremona, Reggio Emilia or Parma itself, that have always been recognized as excellent places for raising pigs.  The legs used, all fresh, weigh between 9 and 11 kilos and are dried in for at least 16 months.  The drying process is slow and natural, achieved by opening and closing windows during most of that period, to achieve a better final product.  One of the strong points of this ham is that the salting is done piece by piece with sea salt, insuring a result in which the proportion of salt is just right and the mildness of the ham is guaranteed.  A family tradition that results in a delicious ham, easily adapted to accompany many dishes. 
How should you cook or eat it? Alone in thin slices or accompanying fruit or other food.
What wine should you drink with it? A glass of Lambrusco like Cleto Chiarli.

How should you keep it? In a cool, dry place.
Where can you buy it? www.creminelli.com (USA)

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