SANT´EUSTACHIO Wood Roasted Coffee

Product: Wood-roasted Coffee
Brand: Sant Eustachio
Producer: Cafe Sant Eustachio
Country of origin: Italy
Region: Lazio
Town: Rome
Approximate price per kilo: 40 euros/kg
Approximate weight: 500 gr.
Prizes and recognition: Found at the best gourmet stores. score out of 100: 95/100
Why does it deserve our mention? Its delicate wood-roasting process and its secret mix of the best Arabica coffees on the market.  The Ricci family maintains this café, opened in 1938, in a professional and genuine manner and it has become a must-visit for foodies from all over the world, but also for Italians, who still frequent the café. The Italian Senate is just 100 meters away and it’s not unusual to see senators having an espresso at any time of day.  We shouldn’t forget here that to make a good coffee, various elements should be combined in a balanced way: the kind of water, the hands that prepare it, its roasting, the machine that makes it, the ceramic cup with a circular bottom in which it is served, the atmosphere in which it is drunk… but what is sure is that the raw materials, that is, the coffee mix, is very important.  The sources they work with most often are The Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Ethiopia and Brazil, although sometimes they include coffee from the Galapagos Islands and the Island of Saint Helena.  Its flavor is a bit sweet, very mild, with low acidity.  To have an espresso, in Rome, and at the Café Sant Eustachio, is an experience you’ll remember for a long time. 
Who should you cook or drink it? At any time of day.
What wine should you drink with it? A Grappa Nonnino.
How should you keep it? In a cool, dry place.
Where can you buy it? Directly from en or at (USA)

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