Product: Patrick Roger Chocolates
Brand: Patrick Roger
Producer: Patrick Roger
Country of origin: France
Region: Paris - Ile de France
Town: Paris
Approximate price per kilo: 200 euros/kg
Peso habitual: 125 gr.
Prizes and recognition: Selected as the best chocolate maker in France in 2000. score out of 100: 96/100
Why does it deserve our mention? Roger’s imagination when working with chocolate.  His shops are a faithful reflection of this creativity and passion.  In their workshop, everything is done by hand, artisanal, always looking for the most surprising flavor.  Roger has said, “My work is the flavor, without flavor it doesn’t work.”  His creations surprise as much for their esthetic as for their flavor.  The origin of the cacao used comes from a rigorous selection process at the source and usually from small plantations whose cacao shows marked aromatic personality.  His gastronomic work is a continuous challenge.  A sculptor whose preferred material is chocolate.
How should you eat or cook it? By itself, at any time of day.
What wine should you rink with it?  A sweet wine like Sandeman Madeira Fine Rich.
How should you keep it? In a cool, dry place.
Where can you buy it? 

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