MICHEL CLUIZEL Mangaro Plantation Premier Cru Dark Chocolate Bar

Product: Plantation Premier Cru Dark Chocolate Bar
Brand: Michel Cluizel Mangaro
Producer: Manufacture Cluizel
Country of origin: France
Region: Normandy
Town: Damville 
Approximate price per kilo: 40 euros
Approximate weight: 100 gr.
Prizes and recognition: Gold Great Taste Award 2008 and first prize for the Best Chocolate Bar at the Salón du Chocolat 2003 in Paris.
GourmetSearcher.com score out of 100: 95/100
Why does it deserve our mention? Because this family business, founded in l947, maintains a decided dedication to working directly with the cocoa producers so that they can offer the maximum quality, traceability and one of the most complete ranges of flavors and aromas on the market. Michel Cluizel is considered one of the most reputable cocoa experts in the world.  And one of his most renowned creations is the premier cru collection.  One of his favorite premier cru chocolates comes from the island of Madagascar, in the middle of the Indian Ocean.  The cocoa comes exclusively from Madagascar, from the Sambirano Valley.  The cacao trees planted there are not treated with pesticides and they reap the benefits of the mango forest that used to occupy that valley.  The cocoa pods from this valley produce a chocolate whose heady perfume evokes exotic fruits with an accent on the citric notes. Cluizel doesn’t use soy lecithin in any of his creations, the sugar is always cane sugar, and he only uses Bourbon vanilla when he considers it absolutely necessary for one of his creations.  His historic, and recently renovated, shop on the Rue Saint Honore in Paris is still a must see when you are in there. 
How should you cook or eat it? By itself or accompanied by a few cookies.
What wine should you drink with it? With an exceptional sweet wine like Ximénez Spinola PX Viejo.
How should you keep it? In a cool, dry place.
Where can you buy it? At www.michelcluizel.com, www.lagrandepicerie.com or at the Cluizel shop at  584 Fifth Avenue in New York.

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