LA BUFALAT Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese

Product: Protected Designation of Origin Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese
Producer: Caseificio La Bufalat Srl.
Country of origin: Italy
Region: Campana
Town: Matinella di Albanella (SA) 
Approximate price per kilo: 26 euros /Kg.
Approximate weight: 500 gr.
Prizes and recognition: The official Mozzarella in Obika Bar, the first Mozzarella Bar in the world. score out of 100: 95/100
Why does it deserve our mention? It is, without a doubt, the dairy product most representative of the south of Italy and is part of the Mediterranean diet. At La Bufalat they use 100% fresh buffalo milk for the production of their mozzarella. But, since other producers who comply with the PDO Buffalo Mozzarella do the same, the son of the founder of this company, Pasquale Di Masi, makes a constant effort to assure that the farmers who deliver their milk obtain levels of fat and proteins superior to those required for the PDO.  Better milk, if the production process is correct, yields better cheese. It always works.  To taste it in all its splendor, leave it outside the refrigerator until it reaches room temperature.  With little fat compared to other cheeses, and easy to digest, it is an excellent gastronomic treat.  With more calcium and less sodium than cow’s milk, buffalo mozzarella can be recognized by its more refined taste and whiter color as well as elasticity.
How should you cook or eat it? It is a delicacy when you have it alone with a drop of olive oil on top, or in a Caprese salad, which alternates slices of tomato with slices of mozzarella.  Pizza is the most common place to find it in cooked dishes.
What wine should you drink with it? A sparkling wine like La Marca Prosecco.
How should you keep it? Mozzarella is always kept in its liquid, in a cool place (10-15ºC) or in the refrigerator.  If it is not all eaten after opening, keep it in its own salty water and don’t wait more than two days before finishing it.
Where can you buy it? From the website of the Mozarella Bar, or eat the Obika mozzarella bars Obika at the Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo, London, Rome, Milan o Naples airports or in specialty stores. 

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