SALINES DE FORMENTERA Liquid Salt from Formentera

Product: Natural Liquid Salt from Formentera
Producer: Salines de Formentera
Country of origin: Spain
Region: Balearic Islands
Town: Formentera Island
Approximate price per liter: 65 euros
Approximate volume: 250 ml
Prizes and recognition: Can be found in the Best gourmet stores in the world. score out of 100: 97/100.

Why does it deserve our mention?

Because it is a liquid salt, unique and good for your health.  It is extracted from the Parque Natural de Ses Salines de Formentera (Ses Salines de Formentera Natural Park in the Balearic Islands, in Spain) where the oldest living creature in the world lives.  It is the oldest underwater meadow of Neptune Grass on earth and is more than 100 thousand years old.  An expanse of 8.2 kilometers, it grows about a meter every hundred years…  This Posedonia Oceanica is an alga that generates oxygen and actively stimulates the natural filtration of the waters around it, which makes the water around Formentera some of the most transparent, clearest and most crystalline in the Mediterranean Sea.  The spray format allows a clean, easy, and homogenous application to all your dishes.  Its purity comes from the fact that it perfectly preserves the more than 20 minerals that come from the crystalline waters of this marine reserve.  It is obtained in a totally artisanal fashion – through the action of the sun and the wind.  Remember that regular use, as a substitute for table salt, helps prevent an excess of sodium in the body.  Why? Because of its low chloride content, which, in regular salt makes up 60% and in this salt is only 16%, and also because of its low sodium, which here is barely 8%, when normally in other salts it makes up 40%.

How should you eat or cook it? 

In salads or on steamed, grilled or baked fish.

What wine should you have with it?

A white like Quibia, made of varieties of grapes indigineous to the Balearic Islands like Prensal or Callet.

How should you keep it?

In a cool, dry place.

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