ECHIRÉ French Artisan Butter

Product: Echiré Artisan Butter
Brand: Echiré
Producer: Société de Laitiere Cooperative Echiré
Country of origin: France
Region: Deux Sevres 
Town: Echiré 
Approximate price per kilo: 40 Euros/ Kg
Approximate weight: 100 and 250 gr.
Prizes and recognition: Chosen by the best chefs and pastry chefs in France. score out of 100: 97/100
Why does it deserve out distinction? Because it is still made in the traditional way, and for its delicacy and elegance.  It’s recognized by foodies the world over as one of the most flavorful butters.  It owes its name to the town of Echiré, on the west coast of France, which is where the dairy cooperative which has been making it in the same way since 1894 is located. One of the typical components of the Echiré production is that in the process of turning cream into butter they still use wooden butter churns.  This noble and natural material helps give it that particular texture. With almost 85% fat (almost 10% more than normal butter), it stands out for the exceptional quality of the milk used.  This milk comes entirely from farms close to the cooperative, and are never farther than 50km away.  It is backed by the prestigious AOC Beurre de Deux-Sèvres.  
How should you eat or cook it? It is exceptional eaten alone, on a slice of baguette, but better still in homemade baked goods ( Pierre Hermè, the famous Parisian pastry chef uses it for his brioches…)
What wine should you drink with it? A Champagne Blanc de Blancs from Ruinart.
How should you keep it? In the refrigerator. 
Where can you buy it?  and (USA)

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