DON BOCARTE Cantabrian Anchovies in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Product: Cantabrian Anchovies in Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Brand: Don Bocarte 
Producer: Conservas Seleccion Santoñesa SL 
Country of origin: Spain
Region: Cantabria
Town: Santoña 
Approximate price per kilo: 100 euros/kilo
Approximate weight: 120 gr.
Prizes and recognition: Chosen by Gambero Rosso as the Best Anchovy in the World among many. score out of 100: 95/100
Why does it deserve our mention? For their commitment to the freshness and quality of the anchovy.  At Don Bocarte they only use anchovies caught in the months of April, May and June, when this fish is following its migratory path along the coast of the Cantabrian Sea.  That’s when the fishermen of Santoña go out to fish for them.  From the Port of Santoña they take the just-caught anchovies to the Don Bocarte plant, where they are salted, fairly lightly although making sure that they will be optimally preserved without the need to add any chemical products.  Then they are cleaned for the curing process, which will last a minimum of 8 months, under controlled temperature and humidity. After that the anchovy will have taken on its full flavor and they are then completely cleaned and de-boned in a completely manual process. They are canned by hand and once in the can they are covered in a fantastic extra virgin olive oil. We want to highlight their magnificent creaminess, the caliber, their deep taste and a perfectly executed amount of salt.  Without a doubt they are exceptional and they are among the best in the world.
How should you eat or cook them? By themselves, after having taken them out of the refrigerator half an hour before eating, on a plate with some of their own virgin olive oil.
What wine should you drink with them? A sparkling wine like Cava Gran Reserva Gramona III Lustros.
How should you keep them? In the refrigerator at between 3 and 5ºC. 
Where can you buy them? El 

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