DANDOY Speculoos Biscuits

Product:  Dandoy Speculoos Biscuits
Brand: Dandoy

Producer:  Maison Dandoy

Country of origin: Belgium
Region: Brussels
Town: Brussels
Approximate price per kilo: 50 euros
Approximate weight: 100 gr
Prizes and recognition: They can be found in the best gourmet shops
GourmetSearcher.com score out of 100: 92.5/100
Why do they deserve our mention? These are among the few genuine Speculoos remaining in Brussels and are still made almost entirely by hand.  For this they use magnificent wooden baking pans that give the cookies shape, they are mixed by hand, and they are allowed to dry, slowly, in the same antique wooden pans.  The irregular shapes of each biscuit are proof that they are handmade. They are 100% natural, made only with flour, butter, cane sugar, cinnamon, fresh eggs and cloves, containing no additives or preservatives.
How should you eat or cook them? As dessert, with an ice cream or with coffee or tea.  
What wine should you drink with them? A sweet red wine like Tinto de Bodegas Castaño DO Yecla, España.
How should you keep them? In a cool, dry place.
Where can you buy them? www.dandoy.be or in gourmet stores in some countries.

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