Product: Condimento Del Borgo Balsamic Vinegar
Brand: Condimento del Borgo Red Label ( Etichetta Rossa)
Producer: Il Borgo del Balsamico 
Country of origin: Italy
Region: Reggio Emilia
Town: Reggio Emilia
Approximate price per kilo: 150 euros/kilo
Approximate weight: 250 gr
Prizes and recognition: Found at some of the best gourmet stores in the world. score out of 100: 94.5/100
Why does it deserve our mention?  Because it is an elegant combination of tradition and originality.  The sisters Silvia and Cristina Crotti, with the same passion and respect with which they produce the traditional balsamic vinegar with DO Reggio Emilia, make this gastronomic condiment that, although it isn’t protected by a designation of origin, is nonetheless a gastronomic marvel of the highest quality.  They only use grapes from the Reggio Emilia region.  The acidification and concentration are achieved through the evaporation of the grape must during the years of aging in oak barrels.  A recommendation from the Crotti sisters: try it alone, with a spoon, maybe even at dessert, so that you can fully taste it.  And they are not wrong, we promise you that. Aged for six years and very, very nice density. 
How should you eat or cook? By itself or with fruit, ice cream or cheese.
What wine should you have with it? It is vinegar, so no wine will do.
How should you keep it? In a cool, dry place.
Where can you buy it? and

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