CASTAIGN Mi-Cuit Whole Duck Foie Gras

Product: Castaign Mi-Cuit Whole Duck Foie Gras
Brand: Castaign
Producer: Maison Castaign

Country of origin: France
Region: Landes
Town: Saint Sever
Approximate price per kilo: 85 euros Kg
Approximate weight: 195 gr.
Prizes and recognition: Found in the Best Gourmet stores in the World. score out of 100: 98/100
Why does it deserve our mention? Its authenticity and expressivity.  Whole foie gras is the most genuine foie gras and that name is used when in comes from a whole foie gras or one of the various whole lobes of the foie gras.  Only the authorized condiments are added: salt, sugar, herbs and spices. Over the last several years liqueur has also been allowed.  Whether the whole foie gras is presented as a semi-preserve or mi-cuit, its flavor is unmistakably better than other kinds of foie, like the foie gras that is not whole or the block of Foie Gras. We have before us a foie that comes only from specially selected Mulard ducks, born and raised in Landes, in the southwest of France.  Their feed is 100% natural and free range.  During the period of gavage (fattening), when the duck is force-fed to increase the size of its liver, it is given only non-transgenic corn grown in the same region of France. Castaign only works with small farms with between 250 and 500 ducks, which they call human-scale farms.  Castaign ducks are raised free, surrounded by grass and with a minimum of five square meters for each duck.  Another thing that distinguishes them from other producers is the cold evisceration, the method that most respects tradition and that is more expensive than the hot evisceration practiced by the majority of big companies. This method gives more flavor to the foie and allows the use of smaller quantities of salt and spices, which in turn preserves the authenticity, and delicate flavor and texture of the foie.
How should you eat it? Just as it comes out of the glass jar or can, taking it out of the refrigerator 30 minutes before serving.  The ideal portion per person is 50 gr, preferably before a meal, accompanied by a baguette or more elaborate bread, lightly toasted.
How should you keep it? In the refrigerator.
What wine should you drink with it? A sweet white from Burgundy like Loupiac Grande Reserve with AOC (controlled designation of origin) Loupiac, made with 100% Semillon Blanc grapes and with a refined fruity touch.
Where can you buy it? At the Best Gourmet stores like and

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