Product: Utah Beach Oysters
Brand: Utah Beach
Producer: Patrick Liron
Country of origen: France
Region: Normandy
Town: Blainville sur Mer
Approximate price per kilo: 24 euros a dozen
Approximate weight: 100 gr. /oyster
Prizes and recognition: Called the Grand Cru of oysters

GourmetSearcher.com score out of 100 points: 94/100

Why do they deserve our mention? 

Oysters from Normandy are characterized by being raised on the high seas where they benefit from some of the strongest tides in Europe.  They feed off of the abundant plankton on this coast.  They are exuberant both in size and in taste and texture.  These oysters are characterized by their meatiness and the taste of iodine.  But in the mouth they are refined with a long taste, which lasts, and fascinates from the first moment.

How should you eat or cook them? 

Fresh, and by themselves, adding, depending on your taste, a few drops of lemon or a little bit of pepper.

What wine should you drink with them? 

An Albariño like Pazo de Señorans 2011.

How should you keep them? 

In a cold place, between 5 y los 15º Celsius.

Where can you buy them? 
www.huitres-normandie.fr  (Only Europe).

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