Product: Spéciale Gillardeau nº3 Oyster
Brand:  Spécial Gillardeau nº 3
Producer: Gillardeau
Country of Origen: France
Region: Charentes Maritime
Town: Bourcesranc le Chapus.
Approximate price: 2.50€ euros each
Approximate weight: 100 gr/oyster
Prizes and recognition: Supplier to the Elysee (Residential palace of the President of the French Republic) and to many restaurants with Michelin stars like the famous Noma in Copenhagen, which has three stars and was named Best Restaurant in the World in 2012.

GourmetSearcher.com score out of 100 points: 98.5/100

Why does it deserve our mention?

Since the end of the 19th Century, the house of Gillardeau has been considered the best purveyor of oysters in France , and now in the entire world, and is considered synonymous with excellence in the world of oysters.  Their flavor is exceptional and of unvarying consistency (what an important word for consumers!)
The Gillardeau family has been committed to the quality and singularity of their oysters for four generations.  These oysters are allowed to grow for four years, but at just nine months they are taken to deep waters in the open sea to spend the next three years.  They are bred in a much lower density than the majority of oysters, so that they can feed better and have enough space for slow, harmonious growth.  The growing oysters are manipulated 60 times during those three years as part of a process where each step leads to excellence. The last stage before the oysters reach your plate is the decisive one: the affinage, or refinement.  Once they have been brought in from the sea they are taken to the “pools” of Marennes Oléron. These “pools” have been made for centuries for the production of sea salt and give the oyster the perfect mix of salt and fresh water, which also provides them with the dietary minerals characteristic of that ecosystem, which is unique in France and in the world, and gives them an unmistakable and delicious flavor, texture and look.

How should you eat or cook them? 

Fresh, opened just half an hour before eating, and never with ice, please!  Excess cold eliminates our sense of taste.  Important: The harder it is to open an oyster, the fresher it is!

What wine should you drink with them? 

A white wine like Sauvion Sevre et Maine Muscadet 2010.

How should you keep them? 

Never in the sun.  Keep them cool: somewhere between 5 and 15 degrees Celsius.

Where can you buy them? 

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