SERRATS Bonito del Norte (White Tuna from the Cantabric Sea)

Product: WhiteTuna in Olive Oil
Brand: Serrats
Producer: Hijos de Jose Serrats SL
Country of Origen: Spain
Town: Bermeo
Approximate price per kilo: 40 euros
Approximate wright: 250 gr
Prizes and recognition: Present in the most select gourmet stores in Euorope and The United States, and has received certifications of quality like the International Food Standard (IFS) and is a member of the Britain Retail Consortium (BRS). score out of 100 points: 95/100

Why does it deserve our mention?

Its incredible flavor.  It all started in 1890 when Jose Serrats established himself in Bermeo (Basque Country), one of the most important fishing ports on the Cantabrian Sea.  In 1914 it was already one of the few European producers to have a quality standard that allowed them to export to the US market. This precious canned tuna uses only Bonito del Norte (Thunnus Alalunga). Attention please: this is nothing like Rabill or Yellowfin, which are much more common species of tuna, flakier, drier and which come from much larger fish that live in tropical or equatorial waters. Bonito del Norte or Thunnus Alalunga is the highest quality species of tuna, and it is only caught during the summer, along its migratory route when large schools get close to the Cantabrian coast, where, for centuries, it has been caught in what is called the costera del bonito.  This is a traditional fishing method, carried out with a fishing rod from small boats, so they are caught one by one.  They are caught every day and, once in port, the best specimens are selected, cooked, and preserved in oil.  They always start only with fish weighing an average of 4 kilos that has arrived that day. Each tuna filet is individually placed in the glass jar, in a totally manual and artisanal process.  The light meat, creamy texture, exquisite flavor in perfect, thin slices, bathed in a delicate, refined olive oil (not extra virgin, in order to preserve the intense sea flavor of the tuna.) Last, we should highlight that it is very healthy because of its high content in Omega 3 fatty acid, which is well known to help prevent cardiovascular and inflammatory illnesses.  An attribute that stands out is its 6% fat compared to the 10% in common white tuna.  It contains no additives or preservatives, so is a totally natural product.

How should you cook or it eat? 

In a salad, on slices of fresh tomato, on a slice of just-made bread.

What wine should you drink with it? 

With a white wine like Txacoli Txomín Etxaniz from the Dominación de Origen Guetaria Txacolina (Spain)

How should you keep it?

In a cool, dry place.

Where can you buy it?

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