PIERRE MARCOLINI Collection Suggestion nº1 Malline Découverte

Product: Pierre Marcolini  Collection Suggestion nº1 Malline Découverte 
Brand: Pierre Marcolini
Producer: Pierre Marcolini
Country of origin: Belgium
Region: Brussels
City: Brussels
Approximate price per kilo: 150 euros
Approximate weight: Between 100 and 200 gr.
Prizes and recognition: World Champion Bakery in Lyon in 1995 and with their own Marcolini shops in: Belgium, Japan, France, New York, London and Kuwait.

GourmetSearcher.com score out of 100 points: 99/100

Why does it deserve our mention? 

We can say, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Pierre Marcolini is to the world of chocolate what Ferrán Adria of El Bullí or René Redzepi of Noma are to cooking. The perfect mix of avant-guardism, respect for the source, search for purity and the elegance of classicism, each in the right measure. Their Gran Cru chocolate bars, their pralines or bonbons are simply unique.  Verging on obsessive, Marcolini supervises that arrival of the cacao pods that he has personally selected at the source and he gives them, depending on the origin of each batch, a personalized  treatment.  In contrast with other chocolatiers in Belgium or around the world, who buy the cacao already prepared so that they can later make their creations, this chocolate maker selects the chocolate at the source and toasts it in Belgium, to his taste, so that he can use his own chocolate in his creations. His passion in searching for excellence goes beyond going to the countries that produce the best cacao, since in each country he chooses the best Crus, or plantations, which are small farms that follow his instructions and ferment it according to the Marcolini method. Another significant difference is that Marcolini buys the cacao directly from the owners of these small plantations.  This artisan shows a clear preference for the smoothness and elegance of the cacaos that come from Latin America, like those from Brazil, Cuba, Venezuela, or Ecuador.  His products like the ganache, Gianduja or pralines are full of magic, flavor, and depth. His products, as well as an excellent cacao, combine ingredients like fresh Tahitian vanilla, Earl Grey Tea, fresh thyme or fresh Brazilian mango jam.  Combinations that produce never-before imagined sensations in your mouth. Jewelry, haute cuisine,  haute couture, and why not, in this case we can call it haute Chocolaterie. An experience that you should try once in a life...

How should you eat it? 

Exactly the way they offer it to us, at room temperature, as long as it is cool – somewhere between 15 and 20 º Celsius.

What wine should you have with it?  

With a port like Vintage Taylor´s.

How should we keep it?

In a cool ( 10º) dry place.

Where can you buy it?  


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