MATA Extrafine Fried Fava Beans

Product: Fried Baby Fava Beans in Olive Oil
Brand: Mata
Producer: Productos Mata
Country of Origin: Spain
Region: Jaén, Andalucía.
Town: Alcaudete
Approximate price per kilo: 30 euros
Approximate weight:  300 gr. can
Prizes and recognition: Named the Best Fried Fava Beans by chefs and journalists on numerous occasions. score out of 100: 96/100

Why does it deserve our mention? 

Without a doubt, their consistent high quality through the years, which keeps them on the winner’s stand among the best.  They have the honor of being the first pre-prepared vegetable preserves around 1910.  Their origin in a town in Jaén (Andalusia) is not unimportant.  The fusion of tiny, extra fine fava beans in preserves, lightly and delicately fried in excellent olive oil is a fantastic combination.  The skin of these small, tender fava beans is almost unnoticeable; their texture is creamy and slightly crunchy at the same time.  Nutritious, healthy, full of fiber and very, very full of flavor.

How should you cook or eat them? 

Sautéed in their own olive oil with a few shavings of Iberian ham or with some fresh mushrooms…

What wine should you drink with them? 

With a white wine Verdejo like Jose Pariente.

How should you keep them? 

In a cool dry place.

Where can you buy them?

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