MARCHESE DI VILLAMARINA Tuna Ventresca in Olive Oil

Product: Tuna Ventresca in Olive Oil
Brand: Marchese di Villamarina
Producer: Tonnara Isola Piana
Country of Origin: Italy
Region: Sardinia
Town: Carloforte
Approximate price per kilo: 80 euros
Approximate weight: 125 gr
Prizes and recognition: Found in the best gourmet stores in Italy. score out of 100: 93/100

Why does it deserve our mention? 

Its historic singularity and the preservation of the most respectful and sustainable fishing practices in the Mediterranean, all certified by ECOCREST. The tuna (Thunnus Thynnus or Bluefin Tuna) are fished by small boats in the middle of the summer season when their migratory path passes the coast of the island of Sardinia.  They only work with fresh tuna, just caught and transported from the market to the Tonneria (where they are turned into conserves) where they are cut up to remove the ventresca, or the belly, the most flavorful part of the tuna.  After being hand-placed in the can, it is filled with olive oil and a little salt.  Last, it undergoes a preserving process using autoclave.  Of thin, flavorful and lightly salted meat, it is a gastronomic jewel that should be protected to assure its future.
How should you cook or eat it? 

In salad with tomato or on lettuce hearts.

What wine should you drink with it? 

A smooth white like Planeta La Segreta Bianco.

How should you keep it?

In a cool, dry place.

Where can you buy it?

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