Product: Kurukahveci Coffee
Brand: Kurukahveci
Producer: Mr. Mehmet Efendi
Country of origen: Turkey
Region: Istanbul
City: Istanbul
Approximate price per kilo: 20 euros
Approximate weight: 250 gr.
Prizes and recognition: In specialty stores in Turkey and other countries

GourmetSearcher.com score out of 100 points: 92/100

Why does it deserve our mention? 

A coffee that makes for unforgettable memories.  Arrive in Istanbul, cross the Bosphorus on foot across one of the bridges and stroll through the historic Spice Bazaar, the second largest bazaar in Istanbul, with 88 stores inside (the largest is the mythic Grand Bazaar,) and which was built by order of Sultan Turhan between 1663 and 1664. Once you are there, let yourself be seduced by the discovery: Kurukahveci Coffee. The penetrating smell of just-toasted coffee slips through the windows that look out onto the alley and from where you can buy it (customers don’t enter the store,) mixing with the spices that are barely 10 meters away through the Yeni Cami entrance to the Bazaar. The employees, dressed in smocks, wait on customers from inside and are responsible for toasting the coffee and packaging it by hand, in plain view of the customers. Less than 50 meters away, leaving the Bazaar behind, you can taste this magnificent coffee in situ in the café on Tahmis Sokak.  Turkish coffee should be prepared by mixing, in the typical Turkish coffee pot, the same amount of sugar as of coffee (which is in a ground powder form, similar to flour) and as many cups of water as people who will be drinking, and bringing the mixture to a boil.  It should then be removed from the heat, the boil should be allowed to stop, and then put back on the heat.  Don’t strain it: let the dregs rest in the bottom of the cup and enjoy the density and aroma.

How should you drink it? 

In small cups.

What wine should you drink with it? 

A Brandy from Jerez like Fernando de Castilla Reserva.

How should you keep it? 

In a cool dry place.

Where can you buy it? 

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