Product: Pasta Benedetto Cavalieri
Brand: Benedetto Cavalieri
Producer: Benedetto Cavalieri
Country of origen: Italia
Region: Puglia
Town: Maglie
Approximate price per kilo: 8 euros
Approximate weight: 500 gr.
Prizes and recognition: Oscar in 1999 for Best Pasta at the New York Fancy Food Show. Can be found in the World’s best gourmet shops. score out of 100 points: 99/100

Why does it deserve our mention? 

This artisanal pastificio (pasta maker) brings together all of the qualities necessary to be labeled one of the world’s best.  It has a long and rich history that goes back to 1918 when the founder, Benedetto Cavalieri,  opened what is still the pasta workshop.  Today the establishment is the same, and is run by the grandson of the founder.  One of the secrets that mark this pasta as excellent is the long drying process, which they call the Método Delicato and which lasts up to 44 hours at a constant temperature of 38º centigrade. Another is the selection of raw materials, chosen from among the best 100% organic hard grain semolinas, from the Puglia region, or the use of old copper molds to make the different shapes.  And, last, of course, the know-how passed down through the Cavalieri family.  All of these factors add up to make this a unique pasta.  It has an exceptional texture, meaty and crunchy at the same time, and a consistency and excellent resistance to cooking, which stretches to an average of 16 minutes, without losing even a bit of the desired al dente texture.  It is adored by resturanteurs of world-wide renown like the three Michelin star Italian chef Massimiliano Alajno of the restaurant Le Calandre or the Spaniard Ferrán Adrià. The spaghetti has a curious shape because it is dried by hanging the pasta off of wooden racks.  It is interesting to know that, with a pasta of such high quality, it is difficult to make a mistake with cooking time, but also, once it is on the plate, it is preserved fantastically well for several more minutes.  We can christen it The Queen Of Pastas, without a doubt.

What wine should you drink with it?  

Depending on the sauce that accompanies it, that might vary, but it could be sensational with a white like Planeta Chardonnay Sicilia.

How should you keep it?  

In a cool dry place.

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