ACQUERELLO Seven Year Aged Rice

Product: Acquerello Seven Year Aged Rice
Brand: Acquerello
Producer: Rondolino Family
Country of origen: Italy
Region: Piamonte
Town: Livorno Ferraris
Approximate price per Kg: 20 euros
Approximate weight: 500 gr
Prizes and recognition: Alain Ducasse ( French chef, owner of three restaurants with three Michelin stars under his belt)  calls it "The Rolls Royce of rice" and it is used by prestigious restaurants and chefs like Heston Blumenthal of The Fat Duck (England), Thomas Keller of The French Laundry (USA), Higashi Azabu of Chamaleon (Japan), Peter Gilmore of Quay (Australia) or Alex Atala of Dom (Brasil), to name just a few. score out of 100 points: 97/100

Why does it deserve our mention?  

Acquerello is one of those products that can be considered unique in all the world.  Their rice is of the Carnaroli variety, it is packaged in a vacuum sealed can to preserve its unique qualities, and one of its most outstanding attributes is that it is aged for up to seven years on the estate while still unrefined.  To refine the rice and leave the grains as intact as possible a very traditional method from 1875 is still used, involving a single blade that only the Rondolino family keeps in working order and consists of passing the grains through the blade and leaving them there for 10 minutes instead of six seconds as is usual today, in a space of 20 centimeters instead of the six millimeters allotted by other producers, in order to obtain white rice in a gentler way and to produce higher quality.  In the world today, basically two types of rice are grown – the Indian variety (the most wide-spread variety) that has a flatter shape and is better for cooking in water, to be used instead of bread or as a side dish, and the Japanese variety, more or less round and to which this Riso Carnaroli pertains, and which is ideal for risottos, since it absorbs flavors and sauces well. Italy’s most famous rice.

How should you eat or cook? 

In any risotto

What wine should you drink with it? 

White Soave Classico DOC Monte Grande Prà.

How should you keep it? 

In a cool dry place.

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