VIRGEN DE LA ESPERANZA Bomba Rice from Calasparra

Product: Arroz Bomba de Calasparra.
Brand: Arroz  Bomba de Calasparra Virgen de la Esperanza.
Producer: Cooperativa del Campo  Virgen de la Esperanza.
Country of origin: Spain.
Region: Murcia
Town: Calasparra
Approximate price per kilo: 5 euros/kg
Approximate weight: 500 gr.
Prizes and recognition: On the best shops. score out of 100 points: 95/100

Why does it deserve our mention?

The bomba variety with Guarantee of Origin Calasparra is a round grain rice and 90% of it is produced in the heart of this cooperative.  There are 160 partners/producers, with a total of 450 hectares dedicated to cultivating rice.  The quality is determined by various factors: the purity of the waters of the Segura and Mundo rivers that bathe the fields, the 300 to 500 meters above sea level where it is cultivated, and the mountainous environment which is of great value to the growing region.  From a culinary point of view it stands out for the hardness of the grain, its resistance to sogginess (which is so important when one wants to make a good paella or a good rice dish of any kind,) for being a natural product, not using insecticides in its cultivation and finally, for having gone through a longer natural dehydration, which gives a better yield (one kilo makes 12 portions.)  When cooked this Bomba rice increases 100% in length and width.  Will your next paella be fish, vegetables or meat?  You decide, but make it with bomba rice.

How should you keep it? 

In a cool, dry place.

What wine should you drink with it? 

With a sparkling wine like Cava Gramona Imperial Brut.

How should you eat or cook it? 

In a good paella or soupy rice.
Where can you buy it? (USA) (USA) (Spain). 

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