DEMEL Sacher Torte

Product: Sacher Torte
Brand: Demel
Producer: Demel
Country of Origen: Austria
Region: Bundesland Wien
Town: Vienna
Approximate price per kg: 35 euros + shipping
Prizes and recognition: Featured in specialized press. score out of 100 points: 93/100

Why does it deserve our mention? 

Here we are surely faced with one of the most delicious cakes ever created. A fabulous sweet combination of an exquisite chocolate cake with a middle layer of delicious apricot jam, all covered with a layer of chocolate icing. We know that in 1832, Franz Sacher, a cooking apprentice (like all of us!), came up with this surprise composition for his “boss”, no less than Principe Klemens Wenzel Lothar Von Metternich, chancellor of the Austro Hungarian empire. The 16-year-old apprentice, substituting for the pastry chef who had fallen ill, wound up making history. That was 180 years ago and today we still recognize this cake as something fabulous.
For us, and after trying various Sachers, we found the very best in Vienna, not in the Sacher Hotel but in the boutique Demel bakery. Eduard Sacher (son of the inventor Franz Sacher) went to work at this luxurious and exclusive Viennese bakery after being forced to sell the Sacher Hotel, left to him by his mother but burdened with debt. At this bakery Eduard could apply what his father taught him and this wonder can be sampled with a marvelous coffee and also purchased online. The "Eduard Sacher Torte" is a delight, a slice of Austria in your mouth and we recommend the 9 serving size. The approximate price is 35 euros plus shipping. (web in English and German) delivers all over the world.

What wine should you drink with it? 

A sweet wine from Austria like the Scheurebe TBA ZDS from Kracher Winery.

How should you eat or cook them? 

For dessert or as an afternoon snack, with coffee or an LBV Port.

How should you keep them?

 In a cool dry place.

Where can you buy them?   (Web in English and German.)

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