CARLES Roquefort Cheese

Product: Roquefort Blue Cheese
Brand: Carles
Producer: Carles Family 1928
Country of origen: France
Region: Aveyron (South of France)
Town: Roquefort -sur- Soulzone.
Approximate price per kg Precio kg: 60/70 euros
Approximate weight: 2,5 kg
Prizes and recognition: French National Prize "Le Coq d’Or" in 2006. Lafayette Gourmet says they are "Les Horlogers de Roquefort”. Saveurs Magazine says, “Magnificent in the kitchen, but incomparable with a bit of bread!” score out of 100 points: 97/100

Why does it deserve our mention? 

It is the last Roquefort cheese made in a totally artisanal fashion. It stands out for its quality, respect for tradition and irresistibly creamy texture. Although it’s a world-famous cheese, there are only seven remaining dairies that produce Roquefort cheese. The right to use the name Roquefort goes back to a royal decree of 1411. And La Maison Carles produces only 1% of the total current worldwide production. This cheese is made only from the milk of select Laucane sheep (the rest of the blue cheeses in the world like Gorgonzola, Blue Stilton or Cabrales are made from cow’s milk) and has, by virtue of its guarantee of origin (A.O.P. en France), a mandatory three-month ripening process. At Carles they stretch that to eight to ten months, combining ripening time in cold conditions with high humidity in the caves of the massif of Combalou with time in cold-storage chambers. At Maison Carles the rennet is still hand cut at the farm, the cheese ripens in the cave on birch shelves (not stainless steel) and the blue/green mold that characterizes this cheese, the Penicillium Roquefortii, comes from their own stores and a secret recipe, produced on 5 kilo artisanal bread made by a baker in the next village. It is creamy, sticky, less salty than most, with a depth in the mouth that makes it impossible to forget. Excellent.

How should you eat or cook it? 

With good, high-quality bread, in salads and, of course, in appropriate quantities in dishes like quiches, tarts or blue sauces.

What wine should you drink with it? 

A sweet white wine like Mas Amiel Muscat.

How should you keep it? 

In the coldest part of the refrigerator.

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