Parmigiano Reggiano Vacche Rosse GRANA D ORO

Product: Parmigiano Reggiano Vacche Rosse
Brand: Azienda Agricola Grana d Oro Vacche Rosse
Producer: Azienda Agricola Grana d Oro
Country of Origen: Italy
Region: Emilia Romagna
Town: Cravigiano
Approximate price per kg: 45 euros/kg
Approximate weight: Starts at half a kilo
Prizes and Recognition: In some of the Best Gourmet Shops in the World. score out of 100 points: 97/100

Why does it deserve our mention? 

It´s not necessary to be an expert to notice that the most prominent characteristic of this parmesan certainly stands out: its more yellow than white color and the origin of the milk used in its production, that of the reggiana breed of cows that graze freely and eat the hay and grasses of the fields on the farm. These grasses and hay can contain more than 150 different aromatic essences. This natural and varied diet provides the slightly grainy structure and the characteristic aroma and taste. This parmesan is a little sweeter and more flavorful than most, without being sharp despite its long aging process of between 32 and 36 months as was common in the past. Authentic, very long-lasting and very, very flavorful.

How should you eat or cook it? 

By itself (closing your eyes) or grated on fresh pasta or beef carpaccio.

What wine should you drink with it? 

With an Italian white like Sauvignon Blanc Winkl from Cantina Terlano.

How should you keep it? 

In a cool, dry place, wrapped in cloth so that it can breathe.

Where can you buy them? (USA)

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